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  1. hi may i know what's your height and weight pls? Pardon me, im asking because im deciding whether to get a chanel medium or jumbo size classic flap.. I prefer the jumbo but am worried it may look bulky on me as im petite. I did my research online and chance upon your blog. I wasnt able to find out since this bag seems to be sold out in USA?! and Ive a fren visiting France soon. I dont want to buy such an expensive bag and regret! I'm 5 1' and 100pound, can you advise me? you can reply me at happygal83@hotmail.com Thanks.

  2. Hi, do you give tips or pointers to your diy projects? Like fabric used, and amount of fabric etc...

    1. Hi. That depends on the project. Most commercial patterns will tell you how much and what kind of fabric to get.

  3. Hi Khatu ! I think you are absolutely gorgeous ! What is your make up routine/how do you do your brows? They always look so nice in your pictures !

  4. Could you please tell me where you purchased the outfit featuring the green army jacket in the current Redbook magazine? I am dying to have all the pieces of that outfit and have no idea where to start looking.
    Thank you...Sally

  5. Hi Khatu,

    I'm obsessed with the tropical waist drop dress that you have worn in several of your blog posts. The print is absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to get my hands on the same dress. Do you where I can buy it and what the official name of the dress is?

    ~Thanks Sophia

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