Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our Co-ed Garden Party Baby Shower

on me : Asos dress (altered, availble in regular & tall), Steve Madden shoes

Hi everyone!  We're excited to finally share our co-ed garden themed baby shower.  As this is our first child I wanted Darren to be a part of the celebration and join in on the fun. We had an outdoor wedding and loved it so much we wanted the same atmosphere for the baby shower.  I started planning months in advance even before we found out the gender of the baby. Naturally I gravitate towards all things pink and feminine and a part of me was secretly hoping for a girl.  Come to find out we're having a baby boy so I had to switch gears and started adding more blue to keep the decor from being too girly.
I have attended several baby showers and they sometimes can be a little drab so it was important for us to keep our guests entertained. With a garden themed shower a flower crown station was a must. The onesie cookie decorating station was a Pinterest find, how cute is this tie-dye cookie design?!

I'm not a big fan of traditional baby shower games but was convinced by friends to have some anyways. A big hit was the egg cracking game where an egg is tied around your waist while you and a partner try to be the first to crack both your egg and your partners.  With hands behind your back the only thing you can do is thrust! Traditionally played with an egg and eggplant but we kept it PG and used two eggs instead. Another hit was pin the eggplant on the baby, a fun twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey (which I haven't played since a childhood) but it's way harder than it looks.

Flowers, flower wall, baby poster, table runner: DIY
Flatware: Amazon


  1. What a cute baby shower! All your pictures look gorgeous and all the best for the arrival of baby :)

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  3. You look adorable! The super traditional baby shower games are awful! Your shower looks so lovely, you guys did a great job. I agree that its better if its not just all women (and less weird). I think I'm skipping having a baby shower altogether. I'm 20 weeks and the thought of having a shower freaks me out a bit!

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  4. We had our youngest daughter's wedding at this place. Everything at NYC wedding venues was spot-on perfect, the venue, the food, the view, the service and fortunately even the weather. Cannot recommend the manager and his staff more!!!

  5. What size dress are you wearing? Thanks :)

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  9. Hi,
    This is so beautiful! I am so happy I came across your page. We are looking to have our wedding party here in the garden & you have pretty much our entire ideas here! LOL - what I'd like to ask is who was your photographer? Any other info you could share would be great. Thank you!

  10. wouwww so cute....