Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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I find that when you invest in great pieces, you tend to wear them all the time. This sweater from Ted Baker is two years old and it's one of my favorite winter staples. I love that the peplum adds a fun element to an otherwise simple sweater. Although it is not currently available I found a similar option at Ann Taylor!

Tea Baker peplum sweater (old, similar by Ann Taylor) // J.Crew plaid shirt // Forever21 jeans // Asos shoes // Zara jacket // Celine nano tote // Chanel brooch 


  1. I love your peplum jumper and tour silver shoes are incredible. Perfect for Christmas.

    Mich |

  2. so pretty ;-)0

    i invite to me too

  3. you're so seasonally appropriate! love the look :)

  4. Love your plaid shirt layered under the jumper. Btw, do you alter your zara outerwear? I see quite some zara pieces on you every now and then and wonder how you make them work. I'm 5.2 and I barely have luck with zara :-(

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