Monday, December 28, 2015

Jewel tones

Shop the look

Just realized I've been wearing a lot of green as of lately. Perhaps it's inspired by holidays or maybe due  to laziness and resorting to similar color schemes. Nonetheless, I dig it. 

Topshop skirt & faux fur stole // J.Crew turtleneck & necklace // Asos belt //Nars lipstick in Funny Face // Chanel bag // Alice & Olivia shoes (similar)


  1. so cute photos ; -)))

    i invite to me too

  2. I love these bold colors! I never would pair these jewel tones together but they work :)

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  3. Nice blog and Article.

  4. Been a silent follower for a while and love your unique style! Your sale picks are always appreciated -please keep them coming! On a different note, what do you ask for when you get your hair colored?

    1. Thank you! I ask for a balayage. IMO, it's not as high maintenance as traditional highlights.

  5. happy new year Khatu! This is definitely one of my fave holiday looks on ya!

  6. Love the skirt! The color is so rich and vibrant.


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