Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Travel essentials

1 class and 5 days left before I'm off to Hong Kong & Singapore! I have so much school work to do but all I can think about is the trip. It'll be my first time to both places and I can't thank you all enough for the recommendations!


  1. In looking at your picks, I love that you chose those Tory flats. I have them and bought them at Second Time Around for $79 brand new! Someone ordered they were the wrong size and brought them for consignment. SCORE! One of the best pairs I own. Have a wonderful & safe trip!

    1. Thank you! Love a good find. I'm never that lucky though!

  2. That "Wake Me For Champagne" eye mask is so fabulous!!! Have fun on your trip!

    ❤ Temi Truly
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  3. I am in love with your little camera! I am actually in love with your travel outfit! :P You're going to have a blast in Singapore! That city is is simply gorgeous, especially at night. My favorite part of Singapore is all the yummy street food and lights. I hope you have a blast on your vacation!


  4. Forget long sleeves and jeans, its mega hot over there right now, bring shorts and tshirts. Those cities are famous for food and shopping. Try Jumbo seafood restaurant and dim sum in HK and hawker food centers in Singapore - try satay, chicken rice, durian . Enjoy ;)

  5. I love that adorable camera and the “wake me for champagne” eye mask :)


  6. Aww have lots of fun on your trips! I would love to go one day to both places. :)

    xo - Sheila

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