Thursday, January 24, 2013

My everyday makeup

I've made many promises in the past about filming a tutorial but never got around to it until now. Although the quality is not the greatest, I hope you guys appreciate the effort! 

Just a few notes:
I had to cut this into two parts because Youtube (or iMovie) wouldn't let me exceed 10 minutes per video. I forgot to mention that my "secret" to clear skin is water! I drink a lot of water.  Also, I kept saying "foundation", I meant to say powder. And lastly, please excuse the rambling. Thanks for watching!

Eyeliner - Almay
Powder - MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in medium/dark
Brow powder - Anastasia in Ebony
Mascara - Maybelline Great Lash & Revlon Double Twist
Concealer - Revlon Colorstay
Blush - Coastal Scents
Bronzer - Cover Girl 
Sunblock - Neutrogena
Highlighter - Smashbox


  1. I'm the same way with mascara, I use like 5. And I'm def going to try that Revlon concealer!

    Well done, two thumbs up:)

  2. Nice music bg! So gangsta lol and u sound so cute!

  3. I'm interested in how u fill your eyebrows

  4. It was so lovely to finally "meet" you in person rather than just in still photos. You are so sweet and down to earth!love you totally!

  5. Thanks for the videos! I really enjoyed them. Would you be able to show us how you do your eyebrows and eyeliners for the next video(s)? I really love how you eyeliner and brows look. THANKS!!!

  6. Khatu, you are so cute!! I like never comment on blogs, but I just wanted to let you know that you're one of my favs. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Your skin is perf!

  7. I was like so close to posting a comment asking for a tutorial on how you do your everyday makeup cause you always look sooooo flawless and bam, you read my mind (and probably a lot of others out there) lol. really thanks for taking the time and do this! love how most of what you use are drugstore products. great way to mix he highs and lows, just like how you put together an outfit. ok I need to stop rambling, clearly love you :)

  8. So detailed and helpful. A great effort. Thanks for doing this for all your readers like us :) You can do more tutorials too we are sure in the future!

    Do come back soon to visit us!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  9. this is so much fun! your makeup is always flawless. thank you for the videos!

    xox P

    phiphi's blog

  10. thank you for sharing this Khatu. You look flawless all the time and can't even tell that you used drugstore brand. I agree why pay too much for all those expensive ones when a cheaper ones does the same job.


  11. Thanks for doing the tutorial! I had no idea about the lining the waterline in addition to the lid - thanks for the tip!

  12. love to finally hear your voice behind all the pictures. thanks!

  13. My favorite part is your mascara routine :) Thanks for sharing, Khatu, your makeup always flawless.


  14. You look so cute! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Can you do a Skincare & Diet routine too pleaseeeeeeeeee???

  15. Thanks a lot for sharing this! =]

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  16. Hey Khatu, I use Anastasia brow powder too! I love it. Btw, you have the nicest brows. Thanks for sharing.

    xo Jo

  17. What brushes do you use to apply your MAC mineralize powder and blush?

    1. I use MAC 129 for my powder and a cheap brush from eBay for blush.

  18. I love the videos. It's so nice to see you animated!

  19. aawww love this look / your blog!!!

    mines a super new blog any chance you could check it out:)?

    thankyou ever so much xxxx

  20. I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

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  21. Could you list all the lipsticks you wear (specifics)? We have very similar skin tones and I would love to know what you use!