Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LA: Day 1 & 2

jeggings: BR, jacket: A. Wang, sweater: J.Crew, purse: LV(Speedy 30 w/ strap from Keepall 55 ), shoes: Tinley Road, bracelet: David Yurman, lipstick: Nars-Funny Face, flower pin: DIY, hat: H&M (similar)

Look #1 - Traveling. While most like to travel in comfy sweats, personally it's not my thing. Due to the numerous times I've lost my luggage over the years, I developed a habit of preparing my traveling outfit with intentions of also using it as the first day look to avoid looking drab in vacation photos.

Look #2 - Shopping. The purpose of our trip was to have our engagement photos taken but also to visit our friend, who is a newly Los Angeleno! We spent the majority of day one shopping and getting last minute necessities for the shoot. I also thought it was a good idea to get a haircut. Oh, how wrong I was. I asked for layers and the stylist gave me "The Rachel"! (Thank you Mae for identifying this awful cut!) Good thing I told her not to touch the length.
It was only a few days ago that I realized Blair and I were wearing the exact same look! While this may be considered disastrous in the blogging world (and in real life), I think it's kinda "cool" to be on the same wavelength with someone as stylish and impeccably dressed as Blair. I absolutely love her style and wouldn't mind having more of these moments.

jeans: True Religion, shirt: Zara, purse: Marc Jacobs, sunnies: Ray-Ban, shoes: Tinley Road, cuffs:Asos, lipstick: Nars-Funny Face, hat: H&M (similar)

Day 2: We spent the second day with our photographers Brian and Allie of Callaway Gable. Later that night we went to dinner at Nic's where we had the best shrimp cocktail ever! (Due to the terrible haircut, I decided to get clip-on extensions.)

sweater: J.Crew, belt: Hermes, jeans: True Religion, cuffs: Asos, lipstick: Nars-Funny Face


  1. Haha, I noticed the outfit similarities with Blair right away with that gorgeous Zara top! Nonetheless, you look fabulous as usual.


  2. I actually love the shorter hair on you! I'd love to see you in a full-on bob, it would be stunning!

  3. your hair is so curly and pretty! i like the shorter bob and it's not as disastrous as you think haha. the top is super pretty and spring. your engagement photos look fun! hope you'll share some of the finished product :)

    pandaphilia style

  4. LOL @ the "Rachel"! Your clip-on extensions look amazing - glad you were able to undo the stylist's work in time for your photoshoot!

  5. LOL! It is "The Rachel"! Oh boy...have you gone to your regular stylist to see if they can fix it?

  6. U look s pretty.. I like your Zara shirt .

  7. Ack I hope you're able to "fix" your hair to the way you want it before the wedding! You look so great - I'm one of those people that wears jeans and a hoody on the plane...you, Kelly and Jean have seriously got me rethinking my plane outfits now. Or perhaps I could just make a hoody more stylish? LOL!

  8. I, too, love the shorter hair on you!! But the clip-ons look great!! My fave is your dinner outfit.

    We are getting married next year and are having our engagement photo session in June. Do you have any tips? :) Thank you!

  9. The print on the Zara top is amazing! So sorry about the hair cut.. it can be quite traumatic, especially with your photo shoot around the corner!


  10. I think the new haircut is cute!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  11. Is that a red bow, it's fabulous! And nice extensions, look gorgeous. Sry about botched hair cut :( but it'll grow back

  12. A blog designer from Belk (a southeastern department store) emailed me recently asking for a list of my 10 favortire bloggers and you and Blair were top 3.I was like Khatu is hands down one of the best dressed girls on the web and they definitely agreed. So superb!

  13. @Bethany thank you so much! I'm truly flattered.

  14. I love your printed shirt from Zara! Is it new?
    And your hair looks amazing with the extensions. Good save! Hope you have a fabulous time there. I absolutely love LA!

  15. Always a gorgeous smile and gorgeous outfit! I can definitely feel your pain with the hair cut. Its hard to love it when its not what you expected...esp before engagement pictures! I actually recently learned that the term "layers" is nearly universal for the haircut you got! I was lucky enough to have a stylist who knew what i wanted even though I asked for the wrong thing. Supposedly you have to be specific and just ask for "layers in the back only" plus other personal preferences like bangs, otherwise they chop from the top down giving you over-exaggerated "rachel" cut! I havent put this into action yet, but after she explained the minor detail, it made perfect sense why I never got the haircut I wanted!

  16. @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) work it girl! lol.

    @J Know what you want and make it your own. We knew we didn't want the standard walking-in-the-park photos so Darren and I did a lot of research. We went through our photographer's website for inspiration. We saved a ton of photos and then narrowed it down to a few. Since we were doing it in LA, we searched the web for shooting locations and also asked our photographer for recommendations.

    I also think it's important to get the fiance involved. Ask him what he wants. I remember coming across one particular couple. The groom-to-be wanted a shot of him in his boxers, on 6th street in downtown LA. Totally random, but completely memorable.

    Think about your overall look; the wardrobe (his & hers), hair, makeup & accessories. I rented two dresses from Rent the Runway and made the third one. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it'll be worth it in the end!

    And remember to have fun!

  17. That is sooooo the Rachel! SMH. I don't like it too much either! Its not the right bob for you, lol. Looks kinds "kiddie"
    Thank goodness for the clip in extensions. They really look great!
    Great pics!
    Thanks for sharing!