Monday, October 17, 2011


Standing in Chinatown
F21 jacket, shirt (borrowed, brand?), H&M pants, Miu Miu shoes, LV speedy 30 - strap from LV Keepall 55

CN Tower

The famous glass floor

somewhere on Queen St. (I think)

I was gonna write about my trip to Toronto, but the pictures pretty much sums up everything. One thing I will say though, be prepare to wait about 1 1/2 hrs for the CN Tower! Can't say it was worth it...


  1. So nice to see your pics from Toronto, Khatu! I'm originally from there so seeing these is a nice reminder of what I left!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Found your blog thanks to Cute and Little. What great images you have! I'm looking forward to following your blog...

  3. you and your sis are so cute! love your matching louis bags.


  4. your faces when you both were sitting on the glass floor was so funny! love the pics :)

  5. Ahhh you must have gone on the weekend - I've never waited that long! It's usually not even busy when we go!

    Hope the next time you come to TO you'll send me a message! You guys looked great :)

  6. Hope to meet you the next time you're here!! Totally agree about the CN Tower - I got in for free (due to hookups!!) and it wasn't even worth my TIME going. I was scared to step on the glass floor though. HAHA

  7. I have been to Toronto many times but my pictures never came out this nice ;) I love your outfit. You and your sister are so cute and your bf is hilarious in that photos ;) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the outfit, I looooove your MIU MIU SHOES! ♥
    Love your pants as well. :)
    I like the pic of you and your sis on the glass floor, so cute. :)
    Love your sis's outfit too. :)


  9. OMG are you in Toronto now too?? I am here and the weather has been crap!! ugh.... Looks like you are having a blast.


  10. Great pics! I've never been to the CN Tower but the Willis Tower (Chicago) has a similar glass floor (with no wait!) and it's such a trip to first step onto it. Can't believe you were brave enough to sit!

  11. Oh Toronto - I love! I know I can't fall through the glass floors but it still freaks me out when I am stepping on it!

    Bonjour, come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  12. This looks like such a blast, doll! Glad you had fun!
    xo Josie

  13. Yay Toronto! The CN Tower is one of those places that you see once and never need to again. Next time you're in Toronto check out any of the following: Casa Loma, the Distillery District, the Bata Shoe Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, High Park during Hanami (cherry blossom festival). There's much more but I'll keep the list short.