Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Stop: Hamburg

I'll try to keep the recap of this trip brief and not drawn-out like the Grand Cayman/Engagement series. The first stop of my two week long adventure was Hamburg, Germany. To be honest, I've never heard of Hamburg prior to my visit. Apparently, it's the second largest city in Germany, who knew... It was beautiful, clean and surprising very chill - for a big city that is.

So why Hamburg you ask, since it's kinda random...? It was so that my friend can visit her family and also to meet up with her sister, whom was completing her internship there. I happily tagged along while they spent quality time with their aunt and cousins. I can't really complain, I had a place to stay, was fed 4 times a day and driven everywhere. No better way to tour than with a local. Wish we had this in Paris and Italy...

Rathaus, Hamburg city hall

Reeperbahn -the red light district

Movenpick - premium ice cream

Bratwurst - German sausage

Planten un Blomen park

Friend's cousin's pet. First time holding a real bunny!

Packing for two weeks was a nightmare! I knew this vacay wouldn't be like the last. Traveling with your significant other is completely different from traveling with friends. I knew I couldn't be fussy with my clothes, makeup, etc. I tried not to be that annoying friend... For this reason I kept my wardrobe casual and simple, I packed mostly separates for easy parings. My only mistake was not checking the weather! I know it sounds idiotic, but I was expecting hot summer heat and packed only light clothes! It was hot in Italy but Hamburg and Paris, not so much. Always check the weather kids! Good thing for my Talbots blazer, I wore it almost everyday!


  1. Chicest traveler ever!! When traveling and being touristy, I pretty much always look dudly because I hate wearing flats all day. I love the layers and colors you're wearing. Can't wait to see more from this travel series.

  2. I'll agree with Jean! You're such a wonderfully dressed traveler. I wish I had had you when I was about to go to Iceland. I could've used your help. I agree with Jean on the flats issue, too. I hate wearing flats, except for boots. Wedge boots are a good answer for traveling when it's cool, though. I was totally comfy in Iceland and Britain this fall.


    Oh and... WHAT? A bunny on a leash? Did you get actual photos of the bunny on the leash?? :P

    You're so pretty, Tu!

    Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

  3. girl, did you add a strap to your speedy? the hardware is not meant to carry a strap! be careful!


  4. You are the cutest lady alive, honestly. I love these pretty looks and I can totally imagine that blazer being a lifesaver!
    xo Josie

  5. in love with your pink denim! and that bunny is too cute makes me want one!!

  6. Great pics :) Your pink trousers look lovely!

    Jonna xx

  7. Love these looks :) Good thing you took your blazer! :) European weather is very unpredictable ha ha :)

    Love, vanilla


  8. Love the pictures. I have to ask, how do you pack? When I travel I seem to pick wrong wardrobe and never look good/stylish. Love your navy dress and ice cream! :-)

  9. Love the outfits! I recently got those hot pink Zara jeans and I still have to shrink them to make them fit, but I can't wait to wear them! Can I ask you what brand those camel/yellow sandals are? Thanks so much!


  10. Looking forward to more pics! Would you mind mentioning how you packed for Europe? I realize that you have to plan according to the weather, but I always pack more than needed...

  11. Ah, I agree, everything is better with a local. It's like you're not even a tourist, I call this simply "visiting" lol And this is also the reason why I try to firstly travel to places where I have friends and thankfully, I have them in enough of countries and cities. Including Paris :) Which I am going to soon this month, yay!

    P.S. The bunny looks HUGE!..

  12. Awesome photos...love the pink pants

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  13. Yeaaaah, I love Hamburg! I live in Berlin, but Hamburg is also soooo great! I visit it as often as i can!
    Ohhh~ and I really love your pink trousers~
    And the bunny is soooo cute! *__* I have two bunnies! (:


  14. You have a great sense of style!!! Went through A LOT of your posts!!! Love them all!!!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com