Sunday, April 3, 2011

Before the storm

Everytime I see storm clouds I think of the black & white photography class I took in college. My professor used to say, "there's nothing worst than a naked sky in black & white photography. Stormy & cloudy days are perfect for photos, they add such drama to any picture or setting." It kinda stuck with me, because now I love looking at clouds... :-/.

Asos booties, UO dress & sweater, Arden B. jacket (circa 2006?), A. McQueen scarf, CC purse, H&M hat

The lip color I'm wearing is Givenchy, Candide Tangerine. It's probably the brightest shade of orange available. Definitely not your everyday color. BF is not a fan but I am. He hates the hat too, but then again, he's a typical guy, they just don't get it.

**AWAY MESSAGE- I'm taking off for the Cayman Islands, returning the 10th. No updates till then. OK. Maybe 1 scheduled post.


  1. Love the jacket, the hat, the McQueen scarf... <3 Overall perfect outfit, perfect for a gloomy day ; )

  2. I just adore your makeup. I love how the brightness/freshness of it contrasts with the dreary weather! This seriously looks like it could be a high fashion modeling ad about Iceland. Perhaps you could a makeup post of these days?? :)

  3. these pictures ROCK! I showed the hubby and his response was "OMG!" Beautiful, Khatu! Enjoy the Caymans - check out Lobster Pot if you have a chance...oh, and get yourself some sticky toffee pudding if you can - it's to die for!

  4. I LOVEEE your lip color.....


  5. Love your makeup, especially the bold lip! Cloudy days make for the best and moodiest photos. Btw, I was contemplating a hat very similar to yours but my bf shot it down...and I didn't get it. LOL.=)

  6. I love the bold orange lip on you -- so chic. And your sweater is absolutely adorable!
    xo Josie

  7. Interesting note about the b&w photography and clouds... that might stick with me now, too.

    HAVe a GREAT trip!! Can't wait to see photos!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  8. i love everything about this look. except that its april and u are so bundled up. lol enjoy your trip to the cayman islands!

  9. LOVE this shoot - the pattern on the sweater and the pop of cobalt on the scarf. I love that your pieces are so unique =D

  10. omg, i love everything your bf doesn't! the hat and that lipstick are just lovely!!

    enjoy your vacation!

    cute & little

  11. Wow, that sky is amazing. It's the perfect offset to your hat and I love the pops of blue and orange here. And your layered jacket and cardigan.

  12. i love the pop of color in this outfit!!

    I'm not that tall, just 157cm ;)

    Travel In Style

  13. There is so much movement in this photo. You're right... storms create drama, visual drama that is, and draws the eye. It makes for a more dynamic photo.

    If you like clouds, you should look at my Iceland Photography *although I know you already saw them!*

    I miss Iceland.

    I love your outfit.

    We win.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  14. Ahhh, i'm in love with your style! Will you please be my personal stylist? Seriously.

    If you ever have a closet sale, please let me know!


  15. Oh Khatu- you are just amazing...that's all I have to say..LOL

  16. WOW! You look so amazing!


  17. love this outfit, that bright blue scarf is gorgeous! love the bright lipstick too :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  18. your lipstick is absolutely amazing! I love the shades in your photos :)

  19. the outfit is amazing but it's your make up that caught my attention- perfect.

    Dena x